Granjon Roman Font Family Free Download

Granjon Roman Font is an old-style serif typeface that is very sweet and awesome. It has the perfect readability for both large and smaller type body text.

George W. Jones took the charge of designing it and launching it firstly in 1998. The designer of this font inspired by the Roman & classic style.

All of its structure is designed in a professional way in which you will see that the designer has perfectly combined the height, width, and space between the characters.

According to many expert designers, it is the perfect fit for multiple operations. In this way, it becomes one of the most beautiful typefaces everywhere in the world.

Granjon Roman Font Family Details

Font Name: Granjon Roman Font Family
Style:Serif, Classic, Typeface
Font Designer:George W. Jones
File Format: OTF
License:Free For Personal use
Files:Granjon Roman ( Opentype)

Character Map Image

It has a sharp corner and the fancy layout helps to make the design even better and cooler. To get an idea of ​​what your text will look like, let’s take a look at the images we’re bound to here.


This font is most suitable for designing logos, composing books, long paragraphs, wedding cards, birthday or invitation cards, business cards, hoardings, titling, poster advertising, etc.

And start using it only for your personal purposes. Famous free fonts are available here like Master of Break Font by Clément Nicolle, Winnie The Pooh Font by Walt Disney Animation Studios.

Supported Languages

Designers of all kinds are using headlines and long text paragraphs for a variety of tasks. So, no doubt it will definitely affect your projects in a tremendous way.

Thus, small designs or large designs can all be covered with the help of this super cool font. And the best part is, it will work professionally without any mistakes.

Show Supported Languages:
Spanish, English, Portuguese, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Swedish, Finnish, Danish, Irish, Basque, Luxembourgian, and Icelandic in Latin

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Now you need to click on a single button below and get the Granjon Roman Font. After that, when you get it then please make sure to keep using it only for personal use.

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